Welcome to VRcade's information website.
Vrcade is a multi-disciplined drawing, design, and content generating office.
With our imagination we create stories, pictures, products or tool to share it with others. Now we can use the digital data to continously shape that idea untill it is a fit for purpose, saving rework costs.

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The main disciplines are:

The meaning is to geometric sizing and then modelling of objects using photo imagery. Though it may seem new, it is a very old measuring technique. With the advancement of the camera and software the inevitable transfer to computer generated 3D modelling was bound to happen.

The technology has advanced so far that with drone fitted cameras (or even lidar tech) together with mobile lidar scans (creating a point cloud) can provide us with detailed as-built information in record time. There are some limitations to the tech, but so are there workarounds.

3D Modeling:
Producing a product in 3D virtual world allow for the examination and optimising of a design. It being a bolt washer or sophisticated aircraft assembly, the applications for this is endless and each can be purposely be shaped and then scrutinized before manufacturing that save thousands in rework. Overlapping this with 3D scans allows for alterations and or extensions to mining and fabrication plants. The models for use in various programs that may include detailing, catalogues, brochures, content, and concept design.

VR Style Presentation:
Rendered environments constructed from 3D models for use in concept to detailed virtual catalogues and brochures. Instead of just displaying videos and models of your new construction project, you can now walk through it before breaking ground.

3D Printing:
VRcade can help with concept to prototype design. Holding a concept model in your hand and being able to subject it to some degree of tests is now possible. All patents has confidentiality assured.

Technical Drafting:
The creation of well represented and readable drawings is still at the centre of manufacturing and construction. But what many do not know is the amount of enhancement that happened to help with the reading of drawings. Collaboration tools and 3D visuals that are linked to a 2D drawing. It is a whole new world and all geared to help read and understand the content of the product represented. VRcade’s drawings disciplines include piping, mechanical, civil structural, building, and electrical disciplines.

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